Translator, writer, editor

I am a translator, writer and editor with over two decades of professional experience in the fine arts, publishing, film, academia and international organizations. Currently based in Berlin, Germany, I’m originally from New York and have lived extensively in Paris, Rome and London. A native English and German speaker, I am also fluent in French and Italian, and understand basic Spanish.


  • Translation: DE/FR/IT > EN
  • Writing, editing, copy-editing: EN

Literary texts, film treatments and screenplays, academic and magazine articles, websites and promotional materials, art catalogues, reviews…

*You say Schlondorff, I say Schlöndorff…
Schlondorff, Schlöndorff, Schlöndorff, Schlondorff…
Let’s call the whole thing off!

(with apologies to George Gershwin)

When my parents moved to the US from Germany, they decided to drop the umlaut on the first “o” in our last name rather than to add an extra letter to the already long name by transliterating it as “oe.” So I grew up as – and officially am – a Schlondorff in the States. When I moved to Germany, however, I had to revert to being a Schlöndorff, since that’s our family name according to the official records here.



4 thoughts on “Translator, writer, editor

  1. Anonymous says:

    Simple, attractive, classy: Just like the talented Lady herself. . . .Missy you.


  2. Andantino says:

    Good writing on ‘Berlin Now’

  3. Anonymous says:

    Start at the top. That’s Sophie Schlondorff.p

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